2017 Run to Victory

Jacob's crew

Family & Friends,

We are passionate about Victory Junction because we have experienced first hand how wonderful this place is. Our son attended his first diabetes camp this past summer. For the first time since Jacob's diagnosis, he was just like everyone else. Everyone had the same medical equipment. Everyone checked blood sugars. Everyone was afraid of lows. Everyone knew the signs to look for when things were going in a bad direction. This is the only time that a parent would be thrilled that their child is exactly like everyone else.

I will admit, I was nervous. Okay. Nervous doesn't express how I felt. I felt like I was throwing my youngin' to the wolves. Would they know that he doesn't need an entire juice box to bring him from a low? Would they know that he needs to use the potty at midnight or else he will wet the bed. Would they care that he did wet the bed? Who was going to make sure he was breathing while he slept!! (yes, I still do that...). Needless to say. He somehow managed to breathe at night without me there (insert laughter here). He did have an accident the last night he was there and it turns out, they have a secret protocol just for that. When we finally made it to the circle to pick him up, the counselor brought me his bags and a bag of his WASHED bed clothes! We even got a personalized report with fun notes from different counselors specific to Jacob.

For real. This place is the bomb dot com.

Victory Junction believes that every child, no matter their illness or diagnosis, should enjoy normal childhood experiences. That’s why we are participating in Victory Junction’s 12th Annual Run to Victory to help send kids to camp. It costs $2,500 to send one child to camp. The best part? Victory Junction understands that kids come from different walks of life, therefore, camp costs ZERO dollars for each child. It runs 100% off of donations. Pretty amazing, right?!

So we are asking all of you to help us give more special needs kids the chance to experience how it feels to just be a camper. No matter if it is a dollar or a hundred dollars. We are asking you to help us support this cause.

Thank you so much!

Tony & Brittany


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