Frequently Asked Questions

Tournament Information

How do I register for the 5th Campership Classic Tournament?

Check out our event page on Disc Golf Scene to register and learn more about our 2020 tournament.


Is fundraising required?

While fundraising is optional, it is encouraged. After registration, you can customize your own fundraising webpage and spread the word to friends and family. Top individual and team fundraisers will have their names featured the bottom of the main Campership Classic webpage. The money you raise provides the opportunity for children with serious medical conditions to attend Victory Junction. 

Can I connect my page to a Facebook Fundraiser?

Yes! Simply go to your Participant Center. Click on the Fundraise on Facebook button on the right. You will be prompted to log-in to your Facebook profile, after you sign-in your Facebook Fundraiser will be created! Any donations received to your Facebook Fundraiser will be reflected on your Campership Classic Page!

What are badges?

Badges are digital rewards that represent milestones in your fundraiser. There are a total of five badges for individual fundraisers: Smiles Badge, Laughs Badge, High Fives Badge, Hugs Badge and Happy Campers Badge. See if you collect all five!

How do I earn badges?

Badges are earned through achieving a fundraising milestone. When you reach a new milestone, e.g. donating to your fundraiser, then a badge will automatically appear next to your name (and your team’s name) in the Participant Center and on the event’s top participant and teams list (at the bottom of the main page).

Will top fundraisers be awarded?

Top individual and team fundraisers will be recognized and awarded. 

What is the difference between fundraising as an individual or as a team?

If you are apart of a team, your individual fundraising contributions will also count towards the overall total raised by the team you are on. For example, if you were to join the Zoo City Disc Golf Club, and raise $100 in additional funds by asking friends and family to donate, that amount would apply as your individual contributions, as well as to the overall raised by the Zoo City Disc Golf team.

How do I re-create my team from the 2019 Campership Classic?

Please contact us to unlock your team.