Frequently Asked Questions

Tournament Information

When and Where is the tournament?

The Campership Classic is on Sunday, November 18, 2018. The tournament is held at Victory Junction. Our address is: 4500 Adams Way, Randleman, NC 27317.

What are the course details?

Players will complete two rounds of disc golf on this temporary course constructed across the grounds of Victory Junction. Holes will have designated out of bounds, water hazards and a variety of both challenging and unique shots ranging from 150-350 feet.

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Will the course be open prior to the tournament?

Yes! We will have the course availible for  practice on Saturday, November 17th from 9:00am-5:00pm for a donation amount of $5. This will be open to not only participants, but the public as well. All proceeds from Practice Day goes towards our fundraising goal!

What are the player divisions?

We encourage participants of all abilities to take part in the Campership Classic. Participants can register in one of three divisions:

Recreational: Available to all players. Typically players who are developing their skills and gaining consistency and experience. For players looking for casual competition. PDGA members with Player Ratings < 900

Intermediate: Available to all players. For players with improving accuracy and consistency. PDGA members with Player Ratings < 935

Advanced: Available to all players. This is the top amateur division for players with developed accuracy and consistency. PDGA members with Player Ratings >= 935

The top Woman and Junior players will also be recognized during the awards ceremony.

Is this a PDGA sanctioned event?

Yes, this is a C-tier PDGA sanctioned event. You do not have to be a PDGA member to participate. We are proud to have Drew Runnfeldt and Phil Lawrence as the Campership Classic’s tournament director and assistant director.

Is there a tournament payout?

This is a trophy-only tournament. All registration fees and proceeds directly benefits Victory Junction. We will recognize:

Participant Awards: Top Finishers in Advanced, Intermediate, and Recreational division will be recognized. Trophies will also be presented to the overall top Woman and Junior player.

Other Awards/Prizes: CTP prizes, 50/50 Ace Pool and more.

Tournament Registration

How much does registration cost?

$75. All proceeds benefit Victory Junction. Your generosity helps make the Victory Junction experience free of charge for all campers and their families.

What does my registration include?

Your $75 helps support the Victory Junction mission and also secures your spot in the tournament. Thanks to generous sponsors, you will also receive:

-Two rounds of disc golf on a one-of-a-kind course
-Tournament shirt
-Continental breakfast
-Lunch (lunch will be made availible to spectators for the donation amount of $5)
-Mini marker
-Players Pack items

Raffle tickets will also be avialible for purchase. In 2017, we gave away over $2,000 worth of disc golf merchandise to numerous lucky winners. 

Can I register the day of the tournament?

The players field will be capped at 90. At this time, the event is sold out. If you are interested in being on the wait list for the event, please email Jacob Byrd at We cannot guarantee proper tournament t-shirt sizing if you register after October 19.

Want to compete and try to earn free admission to the 3rd Annual Campership Classic? Register for one of our local qualifying events. For every 8 players that register, one free registration will be awarded.

What is in difference between registering as an individual or as a team?

The tournament is played in a singles format. However, you may choose to fundraise as an individual or as part of a team. Anyone can create a team- team members do not have to participate in the same division! Recruit your family, friends or local disc golf club members to reach your team fundraising goals.

When you register for the tournament, you will select the type of registration first (Individual or Team) before your preferred division (Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced or Advanced Women’s). Individual and Team refer to the fundraising type you are selecting. Individual Registration

My Team participated in the 2017 Campership Classic, how do I re-activate my team?

Your 2017 Team Captain will need to reactivate your team for the 2018 tournament. If your Team Captain is not participating this year or you do not know the Team Captain, contact usto unlock your team.

If you are the Team Captain, you will need to start your registration here. You will need to be signed in to reactivate your team. Once you have signed in and reactivated your team, others will be able to join the team.

How do I create a new 2018 Campership Classic Team?

If your team is new, the first person to register for the team will act as Team Captain. They will create the team during their registration here. The Team Captain can recruit team members, encourage the team to fundraise and keep everyone inspired.

How do I join an exisiting 2018 Campership Classic Team?

If you would like to join an existing team, go to the Team registration form here. Once on the page, click the blue link "I would like to join an existing Team" on the bottom right. Then, enter your Team Name and click "Search for a Team". If you do not know the name of your team, leave the search box empty and click "Search for a Team".

Need help finding your team? Click here

Can I transfer my registration if I can no longer participate?

Yes, transfers will be accepted through 11/1/18. Contact us and provide information to process your transfer.



Is fundraising required?

While fundraising is optional, it is encouraged. We welcome your support in fundraising to help provide life-changing experiences for the children served at Victory Junction. 

Will top fundraisers be awarded?

Top individual and team fundraisers will be recognized and awarded. 

Tournament Day

Where do I go on tournament day?

Victory Junction’s Address: 4500 Adams Way, Randleman, NC 27317. After you enter our Entrance #1 gate, you will be directed to our visitor parking lot in front of our blue “Walmart” Administration Building. After you park, you will sign in at the Fuel Stop and grab a quick bite to eat before the players meeting!

What is the tournament schedule?

7:30 am  Check-in/Breakfast availible
8:30 am   Players Meeting
9:15 am   1st Round Play Begins
11:30 am   Lunch
1:00 pm   2nd Round Play Begins
3:30 pm   Awards Ceremony / Raffle Winners Announced
4:00 pm   Mini Games*
5:00 pm   Event Concludes
*Optional Mini Games for a chance to compete to win additional prizes

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Important News and Updates

Once you have registered for the 3rd Annual Campership Classic, make sure to join our Facebook Group for important news, updates, and more!

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